Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mobile Device - Access Denied

Having trouble allowing access to ActiveSync for a mobile device?  You set Allowed through the GUI but it comes back Access Denied?

Try Powershell…

Start by discovering the DeviceID of the stubborn device with a Get-MobileDeviceStatistics –Mailbox user@domain.com command. 

You’ll be looking for DeviceID and the current DeviceAccessState.

Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox jdoe@domain.com

Once you know the DeviceID you can enter the following command to allow that device to utilize ActiveSync. Note the DeviceID at the end of the command.

Set-CASMailbox -Identity jdoe@domain.com -ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs G5CV17DITH25F0P91LHFG46FMG

To verify your work rerun the Get-MobileDeviceStatistics command to see if DeviceAccessState now shows Allowed.

Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox jdoe@domain.com

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  1. Thank you! A couple years later but still helped!