Friday, April 1, 2016

Your Apps Are Not Available At This Time

Your Apps Are Not Available At This Time.

You went through all the steps in the Comprehensive Guide and the SSO Knowledge Base Article to get single sign on working and it works perfectly from your master image. You convert it into a PVS image, and deploy a catalog to XenDesktop without incident. The Delivery Group is created and the appropriate user/s can log in successfully.

But when you right click on receiver and select open you get this…


Edit the Delivery Group, select StoreFront, and select "Manually, using a StoreFront server address that I will provide later".

You've provided the StoreFront server address already when you installed Receiver with the command line

CitrixReceiver.exe /includeSSON STORE0=(store name);https://(This is where you provided the storefront server address)/citrix/(store name)/discovery

Log out of XenDesktop and log back in.  This time when you right click on Receiver and click Open you'll see your desktops and apps.


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